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About Me

This painting "Papa and Me" won first place in the 2017 City of Los Angeles Senior Art Exhibit.

Late Bloomer Artist

I accidentally became an artist.  In 2004, after the passing of my late husband of 35 years, I found myself in deep despair.  By 2006, I gave myself the assignment to find joy in my life.  I did not know how I would do that.  But I decided that since I had done a lot of drawing and some painting when I was very young, I would sign up for an oil painting class.  I figured it would be  a distraction at best, but much to my amazement, it became so much more!  I found that I had talent.  And after a while at the encouragement of my artist niece, I started to submit some paintings to various art exhibits.  Pictured to the left is a photograph of me winning first place in the 2017 City of Los Angeles Senior Art Exhibit.   I have now been exhibiting many of my paintings to countless juried art exhibits throughout Southern California.  My artwork is eclectic and tends to be realistic, but lately I have been introducing artwork that simply stems from my imagination.  Overall, since 2006, when I took my first painting class, I have found oh-so-much joy in painting!  I am forever grateful to my extraordinary art teacher, Ellie Belilove, who has been my instructor since 2006.     Most of my paintings are For Sale.  Send me a note under "Contact Me" for a quote.    Within my SHOP, I offer 5 card sets of Blank Note Cards and Prints on Canvas.  


My Medium

I am an oil painter.  In this website, I offer my paintings for sale, blank note cards, and prints on canvas.  I prefer painting with oil when compared to other mediums, because it is slow drying and forgivable in that I can make changes until I feel completely satisfied with my final painting.


My Inspiration

I must be inspired in order to start a painting.  I find inspiration from whimsy, the human condition, and nature.  I am comfortable with taking an occasional break from painting as I do not feel the need to produce artwork unless it is something that will bring me joy.